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Devi Glass Plug

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With its ringed handle for pinpoint maneuvering and easy removal, and tear shaped, bulbous body that is curved just right for p-spot stimulation, the DEVI Anal Plug not only looks elegant, but also delivers incredibly tantric sensations! Made entirely of borosilicate glass, DEVI is non-porous and easily cleaned with soap and water. Amplify your sex play by serving DEVI warmed or chilled!

Measurements: 5.75 inch overall length, 3.25 inch insertable length, 1.96 inch max insertable diameter

Material: Borosilicate Glass

Color: Clear

Reviews (8)

8 reviews for Devi Glass Plug

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  1. I’m new to anal plugs and for me…this took some getting used to.
    Not really comfortable inserting this in my ass unless very well lubed up and relaxed. Once it’s in though, feels real good and makes my orgasm very intense. I can see wearing this for extended periods. Super comfortable once in place.

  2. WOW what an amazing feel. I just recently got into anal play. My first toy, was a rubber dildo. My second was a glass toy. I now own Three glass toys. I love them all. I guess, even though I am new. I am experienced? Because I do not think this thing is all that big. I was so excited to get it, because it all the posting said 2 inches wide. Mine is definitely not 2 inches wide more like 1 3/8 inch. Maybe one and a half. But, I have been so excited about it I could not wait to get it in the mail. I rushed after work Straight to the post office after seeing that they had arrived.
    I couldn’t even wait to get out of the parking lot to open and see it. I rushed home, could not wait to play. I have now been wearing it for almost 4 hours. I have cum three times. Gonna be hard to stop with this little gem. It’s so comfy. Oh my gosh. Mmmmmmm.
    The shaft is thin enough that I can probably wear all day long while I’m out hanging out with the guys. I’m not sure if you could hide the ring handle though. Super exciting to think about!
    I’m a single male. I think me and this toy are going to be new best friends…..

  3. I ordered the Prisms Devi Glass anal plug, and I was a bit shocked when I opened the box. This thing is bigger than I thought, however, I am experienced with anal stimulation and toys. It is 2″ wide, and glass doesn’t bend, flex or squish, so you will have to stretch or work your way up. Once inside, it is very comfortable for long periods of time. The loop doesn’t stick out too far and won’t show under clothing. I wore it for a couple of hours and even went to the store with it in! Glass has several advantages. It can be heated or cooled, and can be sterilized. It also has weight, and can develop your muscles.
    Glass toys used to be very expensive, but this one is very reasonable and high quality. The only limits are your imagination, and your body’s ability to accept this toy. I want to try wearing it for an entire day, or wearing it as jewelery to a clothing optional place. If you like butt plugs or glass, this one is for you.

  4. I was prepared for the size, but I’d only used silicone in this size before, I wasn’t prepared for how little glass “gives” (hint-not a all). Also, I am female, but was drawn to this one because of the easy grip handle, but I found the curved shape that is supposed to please the male anatomy just made me feel like I always needed to pee. I think this is probably great for the men it was designed for, but as a woman, I didn’t care for the shape. I do still love the easy grip handle, just wish I’d found it on a differently shaped plug.

  5. May be on the larger size for beginners. Stays secure. Handle makes it easy to insert and remove. Curve makes it directional.

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