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Param Glass Anal Plug

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Delve into Utopia with the curves of this sublime piece. The Param Anal Pleaser is as beautiful as it is functional, with a tapered tip followed by two graceful swells along the shaft. A flared base makes it great for solo play. Amplify your sex play by serving Param warm or chilled.

Measurements: 5.75 inch overall length, 2.25 inch diameter base, 5.13 insertable length, 1.97 inch max insertable diameter

Material: Borosilicate Glass

Color: Clear

Reviews (7)

7 reviews for Param Glass Anal Plug

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  1. I think this is a bit large but my guy seems to love it so ill let him play with it ill just participate . This by all means is not for the beginner if u ask me .

  2. The plug is slightly bigger than others I’ve tried. If you’re not very experienced at taking something this large right off the bat, it takes some warm-up time to prepare for it. Once it’s in though, it feels quite nice.

  3. I thought I would love this unit once I took it out of the packaging. I got the first raised area in after some work and after using some smaller units but was never able to get the second section all the way in. It does feel good but I was hoping to get the whole thing in to get that really full feeling. Be slow and relaxed when removing it
    Additional comments: I experimented with a few other glass plugs and was finally able to get the second bump on this in all the way In. All I can say is WOW WOW WOW
    It takes patience and lots of lube and a bit of working with smaller devices to stretch the muscle but the feeling when it does go in is well, WOW
    Does anyone know if a larger glass plug that is at least this long is available?

  4. This toy is very nice, it has an elegant design that looks nice and it’s just the right size (in-between too small and OMG IT’S RIPPING ME OPEN).
    It is interesting to note that this toy is hallow, (if you look closely while looking through the bottom, this is apparent) it’s not a bad thing, I’m sure it’s just to cut costs, but it’s worth noting if your looking for something more shatter resistant (not that I believe this toy to be particularly fragile). It does appear though that while hallo that it is thick glass (it does have some weight to it)

  5. I love this buttplug. i must say it was much bigger and heavier than i had imagined but once I am able to get it all the way in the weight makes me feel intensely full. Takes patience and time to get this bad boy in.

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