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Fat Jack Penis Enlarger Sleeve

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Are you ready to please your partner with a big fat cock? Slide into the Fat Jack Penis Enlarger and your wish is granted! A thick, stretchy sleeve fits snugly around your shaft, and at the end is a solid, SexFlesh extension that gives you another 2 inches in length. Fat Jack does not stop at making your dick longer – the thick walls of the sheath add almost an inch to your width as well! This lifelike material is firm, yet squeezable, just like the real thing, which makes the experience enjoyable for both you and your partner. Imagine penetrating your lover with a huge, girthy, realistic cock head and shaft; much better than a dildo – you control the action with each thrust of your hips! For a custom fit, the bottom of the sleeve can be trimmed with scissors to the perfect length for you.

Measurements: 8.75 inches long, 2.25 inch max width (sleeve only, width may increase when penis is inserted), solid extension portion is approximately 2 inches long, sleeve walls are approximately 0.5 inches thick

Material: SexFlesh (TPR)

Color: Natural

Reviews (9)

9 reviews for Fat Jack Penis Enlarger Sleeve

1-5 of 9 reviews
  1. Good but would like a more real look feel….

  2. Material look and feel – TG cyberskin feels real, warms up nicely has a slight rubber /industrial smell, slight. FJ / LB because these have thicker side walls are somewhat firmer and more of a sweeter rubber smell, also very slight, all 3 have softer squishy heads. You will feel more “pressure” with FJ/LB due to their thicker wall narrower opening, more firm material. TG color pretty accurate as pictured – wash the pink off the head, FJ – slightly grayish skin tone kinda dead looking, LB pure black, not dark brown or tan – baby oil to get the pink off the heads also if placed on paper these 2 will leach a little oily residue, so maybe a magnum condom over it to be extra safe. To some if not most the TG is the better choice, certainly a nicer material, after trying most of what is available TG seems to be the go to, FJ/LB are ok too, some stated they like these better than TG, they will be wider once your inserted. These are not floppy like some of the other extenders. good luck and enjoy.

  3. Girlfriend really seemed to like this product, it’s very easy to put on and stays in place great. Highly recommended!

  4. My wife and I tried one similar to this some years ago and it was well received then ! I’m planning on picking one of these very soon. My wife & I introduced our ”other” one, as a ”role play charecter” that we used from time to time! Looks like it’s time to introduce a NEW FRIEND ! I’ll keep ya posted…!

  5. My wife and I have been exploring sleeves like this for quite a while now, we’ve tried about a dozen different kinds. This one is our current favorite. It’s very similar to the Tommy Gunn sleeve, except this one is fatter, because the wall between inner and outer diameters is a bit thicker, not like twice as thick, but enough to make a difference. It’s super stretchy, soft and flexible. I’m about 1.5″ wide and it fits me very comfortably. Lengthwise, like TG, this one comes overly long, and you can easily trim it with a pair of scissors to fit your length. TG adds about 1.5″ length at the tip, but Fat Jack probably adds less than an inch. It was supposed to come with some sort of plug, that would effectively add 2″ of length, but ours didn’t come with anything extra. This may be disappointing to some, but it’s fine for us, since anything longer than about 7.5″ is uncomfortable for my wife. You could probably make this one longer by inserting a properly sized rubber ball at the tip, but if you want LENGTH, try the “3-extra inches sleeve”, which really does add 3 inches. The thing we love about Fat Jack is that it’s THICK. TG makes me about 2.25″ wide; with Fat Jack I’m easily more than 2.5″ wide, your mileage may vary.

    I’ve read some negative comments about sleeves like this, people saying they’re not natural, that they prefer their partner’s real penis, and that size doesn’t matter. But I wonder how many of those people enjoy using dildos during their play, that might be larger than the real thing. If that’s the case, then just consider that these sleeves are like a dildo that you manipulate with your own member, using your hips and all that god gave you to pleasure your partner. And although a normal to small sized penis may be fine, I can tell you that based on my experience, a bigger cock makes a difference. The looks on my wife’s face, the way her cheeks flush, the sounds she makes, the things she says, and especially the bigger, louder and longer orgasms she has, all convince me that size does matter. And that is just exactly why I love these things too, because ultimately I want to give her as much pleasure as possible.

    Sleeves like this cut down on a lot of the sensation, which can be a good thing for men with hair-trigger issues. I find that if I put one on with hardly any lube inside, there’s very little friction against my penis, although here is a pleasant squeezing feeling from the sleeve, and I can definitely feel pressure from my wife, so under these conditions I could stay hard and go all night. But if I put plenty of lube inside, then it feels like a masturbation sleeve, and I can get off easily and very pleasurably.

    One thing I’m not crazy about regarding Fat Jack is its material. It’s not the same as TG, definitely has a chemical smell. For us it’s not perfectly ideal, but we like everything else about it, so still 5 stars. Like TG it comes with a little paint on the head, which comes off easily if you rub it with a little mineral oil. Although the smell is a little funky, the material seems very sturdy and resilient, and you can easily turn the thing inside out, which makes putting it on very easy.

    Small boned young women who’ve never given birth may be agog at this thing. Go slow, use plenty of lube, and communicate. Have fun!

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